The recipes on this site come from an array of popular food bloggers. Each one is a bit different in his or her approach to food, but they all have at least one thing in common: A passion for Going Bold With Butter. Take a moment to learn a bit about our talented tastemakers.

Annalise of Completely Delicious

Favorite thing about butter:

“Where would we be without butter in our cookies and in our lives? Butter makes the world go ’round.”

Annalise isn’t quite sure how she stumbled upon her passion for baking. It just happened, and suddenly she was collecting cookbooks and surfing the internet for recipes and ideas. Aside from a brief stint in culinary school, she is almost completely self-taught, learning through trial and error.

She calls Salt Lake City home, where she lives her husband, son and dog Pi. She hopes to inspire aspiring bakers to try new things and follow her baking motto: Life is just better with sugar and butter.

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Annie of Annie’s Eats

Favorite thing about butter:

“Not many things make me happier than creaming butter and sugar in my mixer.”

When you take a first look at Annie’s Eats (which was recently recognized as a “Blog You Should Be Reading” by Saveur), you figure it must be Annie’s full-time job. Not so. Annie is a resident physician in Indianapolis, a wife and a mother of two.

A self-taught cook, Annie’s drive to improve her skills and try new things has resulted in an eclectic variety of recipes that range from traditional to trendy. Her hope is to “inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!”

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Bree of Baked Bree

Favorite thing about butter:

“My favorite dish starring butter right now is really buttery garlic bread.”

More than anything, Bree loves to cook for her family and friends. As a busy mom who is literally always on the move (her husband is a pilot in the Coast Guard), she created Baked Bree as a place to collect her recipes.

She calls her blog “a love letter to everyone she’s ever cooked for,” and lucky for us, we get to read that letter. From family favorites to ideas for entertaining, her easy-to-follow recipes are accompanied by step-by-step photos, so you always know you’re on the right track.

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Jennifer of Bake or Break

Favorite thing about butter:

“Memories of my grandmother’s baking are always an inspiration for me when I preheat my ovens and set out butter to soften.”

Bake or Break is a collection of what Jennifer calls the “adventures of an amateur baker.” She currently resides in New York City with her husband Quinn and her cats, but she grew up in Mississippi—a place where she learned early and well that home-baked food is an important part of our lives and culture.

Her traditional recipes showcase the importance of using only the highest quality ingredients when baking, and are delivered in a manner that’s just as comforting as the food itself.

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Jonathan of The Candid Appetite

Favorite thing about butter:

“I like that everyone is a lover of butter. It’s a universal language that we all speak and has the ability to make someone really happy.”

Jonathan has been cooking and baking ever since he was a teenager. Through the years he has taken his passion of being in the kitchen and turned it into a food blog by the name of The Candid Appetite, where he is able to showcase his love of food and photography.

As a professional photographer, he combines both passions into one main platform that reaffirms his love of butter, potatoes and doughnuts.

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Karen of FamilyStyle Food

Favorite thing about butter:

“Butter has a complex taste and is versatile in the kitchen—there’s nothing else like it.”

FamilyStyle Food showcases the everyday cooking and inspirations of a seasoned food professional. Karen’s recipes tend to be fresh, simple and healthy. While there may have been a time when Karen thought nothing of preparing multi-course dinner parties, these days, as a working mother, she’s all about keeping it easy.

Karen brings a broad range of culinary expertise to her kitchen creations. She is an award-winning cook, recipe developer, teacher and food writer who has been featured in Fine Cooking, Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light, Southern Living and Sauce. She’s also appeared on the Food Network Challenge.

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Lori and Paul of Burp!

Favorite thing about butter:

Paul: “I can be completely content with a bowl of buttered noodles and some garlic bread.”

Lori: “We’re suckers for anything that contains browned butter, and we believe that good quality butter makes a perfectly acceptable addition to a healthy diet.”

Burp! got its start in 2007 as a way for Lori and Paul, who both hold “day jobs” in sales and marketing, to keep track of their recipes.

The couple shares a passion for seasonal recipes, local eating and cooking real, whole food. While they like to keep things simple, they’re also always up for a good challenge. They describe their cooking as being in a “constant state of evolution,” and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Taylor of Taylor Takes a Taste

Favorite thing about butter:

“I like butter’s versatility. I once had it fried at the Texas State Fair.”

A professional photographer by trade, Taylor’s inquisitive nature has led him on a quest to learn about all aspects of food. His blog, Taylor Takes a Taste, is dedicated to his mission to travel, taste and photograph the amazing food this country has to offer.

Working in collaboration with his mother, recipe developer Sally, Taylor delivers recipes down-to-earth and packed with big, bold flavor. Focusing mostly on sides and sweets, they are easy enough for anyone to make, but are most definitely hard to forget.

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