Once you’re comfortable with pie baking, you can start to have a little fun with decorating your pie crust. Adding a special touch to your pies is the perfect way to personalize it for a special occasion or holiday, and to express your creativity.

There are three essential ways you can get creative with pie crust – by embellishing the pie’s edges, adding a little flare to the top crust, or with a fun lattice.

decorative pie crust

Decorative Edges

After you’ve mastered the traditional crimped edge, you can start experimenting with other decorative edges. From the photo above, clockwise, here are a few ideas:

Large scallop – Similar to the basic crimped edge, except you form the dough around your rounded index finger and not just the tip to create large scallops.

Cutout shapes – Use cookie cutters to cut out pie crust into whatever shape you like (stars, hearts, leaves, etc.). Keep them about 1-2 inches in diameter. Adhere them to the crust with egg wash.

Shaft of wheat – Use kitchen shears to cut the dough at a 45 degree angle ever 1/2-3/4 inches. Pull apart each section in opposite directions and pinch each into point. This would be perfect for Thanksgiving pies.

Crosshatch – Use the tines of a fork to create a criss-cross pattern on the dough’s edges.

decorative pie crust

Don’t feel limited to what you see here. There are numerous ways you can customize your pie crust edges. Get creative!

To create the ruffled edges on this pie, cut out long 1-inch strips of pie dough. Brush your pie crust edges with egg wash and then place the strips on top, ruffling them on top of each other as you go.

decorative pie crust

A pie’s edges are not the only way to add decoration. Pies with a double crust, like a fruit pie, provide another blank canvas for adding a special touch.

decorative pie crust

Try cutting out shapes in the top crust (stars, hearts, circles etc.), leaving them off entirely, or using them elsewhere on the crust. On this pie, I cut out hearts and then transferred the crust to the top of my pie. Adding the hearts back into their vacant spots adds another dimension.

decorative pie crust

Creative Lattices

Topping the pie with a lattice is a simple and beautiful way to decorate your pie. While the standard lattice needs no embellishment, feel free to play around with other more creative options.

For this pie, I cut each lattice strip in thirds and braided them before placing them on top of the pie filling. You can also experiment with different sizes of lattice strips and other fun patterns.

decorative pie crust

One last thing to note: pie crust is best worked with when cool. If your kitchen is hot and you handle it too much, it will warm up and become tricky to work with. If needed, place dough back in the fridge as needed. For example, for the braided lattice I worked with only a few strips at a time and then placed them in the fridge until I was ready to assemble my pie.

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