Butter-Stuffed Burgers

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Butter-stuffed burgers are a Wisconsin favorite, made famous by restaurants like Solly’s, Kroll’s and Culvers, who incorporate butter into their ground beef mixtures, fry the burgers in butter and then present them on a buttered bun. But, the original concept hearkens back to chefs like Julia Child, who mixed butter in with their beef to keep the meat tender and juicy.

The trick works, and just adding butter to any burger recipe will take its flavor to new heights. But, the brilliance of this particular recipe lies with the additional flavors imparted by a sundried tomato and summer herb compound butter. We opted for Italian flavors for our burgers, but feel free to mix things up when you try this out on the grill. Great combinations include shallots and tarragon; parsley, garlic and lemon; or black pepper and thyme. We use toasted English muffins as buns, since they’re the perfect shape for the burgers, and their nooks and crannies soak up any butter that leaks from the burger.

Butter-Stuffed Burgers
By Lori & Paul
Serves 6


Sundried Tomato Compound Butter (recipe below)
2 pounds ground beef
salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
6 thin slices of cheese (we used cracked pepper Cheddar)
6 English muffins
Optional toppings: sliced tomato, lettuce, sprouts


Preheat your grill to medium high heat.

While the grill is preheating, take your firm butter log and slice off 6 pieces that are approximately ½-inch thick. Set aside.

Season ground beef with salt and pepper, and lightly mix with your fingertips until combined. Shape mixture into 12 thin burgers. Place one pat of butter in the center of six of the burgers, placing another burger on top. Pinch the outer edges, sealing the butter inside each patty.

Grill burgers for 5-7 minutes per side for medium, or until done to your liking. During the last few minutes of cooking, place slices of peppered cheddar cheese atop each burger and cover the grill to allow the cheese to begin melting.

Tent burgers with foil and allow them to rest for 5 minutes before serving. Meanwhile, toast the English muffins on the grill until slightly crisp and browned.

Serve burgers on buns with the toppings of your choice.

Compound Butter:


4 ounces softened butter
3 tablespoons fresh basil leaves, chopped finely
2 tablespoons fresh oregano leaves, finely chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped oil packed sundried tomatoes
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper


Mash the butter together with the herbs, sundried tomatoes and pepper until well combined. Place the butter mixture on top of a sheet of plastic wrap or waxed paper. Roll the butter mixture into a log, sealing the paper or plastic by twisting the ends. Place butter log into a plastic bag and place into the freezer for at least ½ hour (or up to 2 months, if not using immediately).

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