It's Holiday Cookie Baking Season

What are the secrets to creating the best holiday cookies? The first step is real butter!
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Award-Winning Holiday Cookies

Our annual holiday cookie contest brings us some of the best recipes we’ve ever tasted. Try one of these prize-winning recipes and you’ll see what we mean!

Where Butter Comes From

butter is made with fresh cow milk
fresh milk is taken from the farm to the creamery
milk is heated until it is pasteurized
pasteurized milk is churned into butter
a little salt is sometimes added to butter for freshness
the butter you see on the store shelf is all natural

Where Butter Comes From

Butter is an all natural product that gets its start the same way every natural product gets its start: on the farm.
After fresh, whole milk is collected, it is brought to the creamery, where the cream is separated from the milk.
The cream is then pasteurized by heating it rapidly, which eliminates bacteria and promotes freshness.
Pasteurized cream is beaten in a churning cylinder until it naturally forms into butter. The butter milk is drained off.
The butter is then blended, sometimes with salt, for added flavor and freshness.
The final product is then ready for packaging and shipping to the store. By regulation, it contains at least 80% fat, about 16% water, 3% milk solids and nothing artificial.
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