Austin Allred on Family Values and Sustainability

Growing up, Austin Allred enjoyed farming with his father on their family crop farm in Washington state. Then, as a teenager, Austin worked at the dairy next door and soon discovered he enjoyed working with cows. Now, he is a Darigold producer and owner of Royal Dairy in Royal City, Washington, producing sustainable food to leave a legacy for generations to come.
Austin and his wife, Camille, live on the dairy with their three children. Austin treasures the life lessons and business skills that he gained from his father and feels fortunate to be able to raise his own family on a farm. One aspect he loves? The ability to work close to home and enjoy time with his children every day. He has worked hard to create a state-of-the-art waste management system on the farm and teaches his children about sustainability, like using nutritious byproducts to feed the cows.
“As a dairy farmer, I get to work with the soil, interact with our dairy’s incredible cows and take time to learn and improve my operation. I do this all while teaching my kids about the miracle of the cow and what it takes to produce the most natural, wholesome dairy products like butter,” said Allred.
As a producer for farmer-owned Darigold, Allred is part of the Northwest Dairy Association, a dairy cooperative with 420 dairy farm members throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Darigold produces a full line of dairy-based products and is home to one of the largest butter churns in the United States, producing more than 21,000 pounds of butter per hour.
In 2018, Allred and his family received the U.S. Dairy Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award for water re-use and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Today, Austin and his family continue to honor Royal Dairy’s legacy by supporting communities through efficient, sustainable production of the most natural ingredient: milk.