Stephen Maddox on Innovation and Leadership

Steve Maddox strives to do more than uncover new solutions within the agriculture industry, he aims to share his experiences with other farmers so they reach success, too.

In October, 2019, Stephen was honored as the 2019 Dairyman of the Year by the World Dairy Expo, recognizing his commitment to the industry and his leadership in several agriculture organizations. Maddox runs a family dairy operation on 9,000 acres in Burrell, California. What began as a farm with just one cow has turned into a 3,400-cow production on the Maddox farm today. Even as operations on the farm have grown, each cow is still treated like their only cow with dedicated care.

Maddox Dairy has implemented sustainable practices that allow them to continue feeding communities and contributing to a healthier environment. The addition of dual fuel engines reduces fuel use and costs on the farm while improving air quality in the community with fewer exhaust emissions. In 2012, a solar power generator was installed, providing enough electricity to cover 80% of the electricity demand of the farm. Not only is this installment efficient on cost, it also helps keep the cows cool with solar-powered fans. Upgraded irrigation technology has decreased the number of pumps used to move water across fields by distributing nutrients in a more uniform manner. This saves on the use of water and energy.

In addition to sustainable practices, Stephen Maddox believes proper treatment and nutrition for the cows leads to the best milk. The high quality milk from the Maddox farm is delivered to plants like Challenge Dairy in California, to be made into real, delicious butter. But it all starts with the practices on the farm.
Through early adoption of technologies, the Maddox family has made strides in terms of animal care, dairy sustainability, and producing high-quality dairy products.

Photo credit: Dairy Cares