How To Make Our Best Turkey Gravy

Gravy is a holiday staple, warming up your choice of meat, potatoes, or veggies with a smooth, buttery flavor. Learn how to make the best turkey gravy to top your holiday meals this season.
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Step 1: Knead Butter

Create a beurre manié, or kneaded butter. Mix equal parts butter and flour. This will thicken the gravy during cooking.

Step 2: Mix

Mix butter and flour into a smooth paste.

Step 3: Warm Stock

Warm your stock and add your beurre manié. Begin whisking so the butter begins to melt.

Step 4: Whisk

Whisk frequently until the flour and butter are evenly incorporated to create a creamy gravy with no lumps.

Step 5: Cool & Serve

Let cool slightly and pour on top of meat, potatoes, vegetables and more!