Tips To Make The Best Holiday Cookies

What are the secrets to creating the best holiday cookies? The first step is real butter! Learn how to upgrade your cookie game this holiday season with these easy tips.

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Choose Your Butter

Most cookie recipes call for unsalted butter. This allows you to control the amount of salt in your recipe.

Soften Butter

Make sure your butter is at room temperature so it can be mixed properly. For tips on softening butter, check out our resources.

Cream Butter & Sugar Well

Creaming butter and sugar properly may take longer than you think. Make sure you mix together until light and fluffy, or about 3-5 minutes. Check out our tips on creaming butter and sugar.

Measure Dry Ingredients Correctly

For the most accurate measurement, spoon flour into the measuring cup. This prevents the flour from getting packed in, which could result in too much flour and a tougher cookie.

Chill Cookie Sheets

After placing any cookie dough on a cookie sheet, chill for 20 minutes. The butter in the dough should be cold before baking to prevent spreading. Be sure to let your baking sheets cool between batches!

Let Cookies Cool

First, let cookies cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. Cooling racks help make sure air circulates around the cookie so they cool evenly. Then, decorate and enjoy! Get started with our Cut Out Sugar Cookie recipe.