Tips to Make the Perfect Buttered Toast

We’ve cracked the code on making the perfect buttered toast! While there might be differing opinions on the best way to butter toast, follow these tips and you’ll be in toast heaven in no time. The secret? Start with plenty of room temperature real salted butter.

Get Started

Grab the Salted Butter

Using salted butter adds a heightened flavor experience to your buttered toast, as salt brings out the delicate nuances of real butter’s richness, while mingling well with the toasty and sweet notes of toasted bread.

Use Room Temperature Butter

Using room temperature butter makes for beautifully spreadable butter on toast. Need to soften your butter? Check out these tips.

Pick the Right Bread Slice

Finding just the right bread slice is a crucial part of making the perfect buttered toast. We guarantee that if you use a slice of bread that has a surface area of roughly 20-inches and is 5/8-inch thick, 5-inches tall and 4-inches wide, you’ll get just the right base for toasting and buttering.

Toast Until Golden Brown

Don’t under or over toast your bread. Toasting it to golden brown will allow for even more spread-ability of the butter along with the ideal crunch. Plus, toasting brings an additional depth of warmth and comfort, and a golden-brown piece can even taste almost caramel-like.

Add the Perfect Amount of Butter

Using the right amount of room temperature salted butter is critical for the perfect ratio of toast to butter. The magic number is 1 and 1/2 tablespoons. This will allow for an even, thick coat of butter across your toast, melting in without making it soggy.

Spread Butter to Edges

You don’t want to miss a bite of the delicious taste of real salted butter! Spread your butter right to the edges of your toast for an exceptionally sublime creamy and crunchy buttered toast experience. Enjoy!