How To Make A Butter Board

Butter boards are our new entertaining favorite! There are so many different ways you can customize the board to make it your own. The most important part of any butter board? Real butter. Follow along with these steps, and you’ll be a butter board believer in no time.

Get Started

Step 1: Start with Softened Unsalted Butter

For the ideal butter board base, start with softened unsalted real butter. You want that spreadable texture only softened room temperature butter can provide. Sticking with unsalted butter will also allow for the addition of flaky salt and savory toppings without going to heavy handed on salty notes.

Step 2: Make it Sweet or Savory

Do you lean toward sweet or savory? Customize your butter board to your taste! For a sweet board, add a delicious fruity jam. For a savory board, add flavored oil, such as chili oil.

Step 3: Add an Element of Crunch

The best butter boards have a crunchy element, adding textural dimension to an otherwise creamy, rich board. Chopped nuts, fresh red onion, radish, dried fruit, bacon or crisp apple slices all make perfect additions.

Step 4: Sprinkle on the Salt

Add depth to your butter board with flaky salt, which helps enhance the flavors of the other components, as well as balance any sweetness.

Step 5: Bring on the Herbs

Thyme, rosemary, oregano and more are all beautiful additions to butter to elevate the flavor of the board with fresh, herbal and sometimes earthy notes. Plus, they add a nice pop of green. Chop up your favorite herb and sprinkle on top.

Step 6: Make it Extra

As an optional final step, drizzle on honey, maple syrup or caramel or add a spritz of lemon zest to bring the whole board together. Set out some small butter knives and your favorite toasted bread and enjoy!