Tips To Make the Best Spritz Cookies

These bite-sized, buttery cookies are perfect for the holiday season. Wrap them up as a gift or enjoy with your Christmas morning coffee! Learn some tips on how to make the best ones.

Learn How

Cream Butter and Sugar

Be sure you cream butter and sugar might take longer than you think! To create the lightest cookie, beat until the butter and sugar mixture light and fluffy.

Add Your Egg

Add your egg ONLY after butter and sugar is fully creamed together.

Avoid Overworking

Be careful not to overwork your dough after flour has been added. This is a good time to switch from an electric or stand mixer to mixing by hand.


Place the bottom of your spritz cookie press firmly onto the cookie sheet and squeeze. Don't like how it looked? Simply scrape up the dough and reuse it in the cookie press.

Skip the Grease

Begin with cool, ungreased cookie sheets. You can even skip parchment paper or a silicone mat, which may encourage spreading. Keep it simple.


Add sanding sugar or sprinkles on top before baking to create a cute and colorful cookie.


Spritz cookies should be very light in color when they're done. Only bake until they're lightly golden around the edges. Once they're out of the oven, let cool and enjoy! Get started with our Butter Spritz Cookies recipe.