How To Store Butter

Refrigerated or room temperature? Learn how to properly store your butter. Whether it’s whipped, salted, unsalted or more, butter stays fresh when it’s stored properly.

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How to Store Unsalted And Whipped Butter

The USDA and FDA recommend refrigerating unsalted and whipped butters. In fact, it’s best when it’s chilled in the original package. Don’t store it in the door of the refrigerator, but rather in the coldest area…near the back! If you want softened butter, remove it from the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before use for a smooth, spreadable consistency.

How to Store Salted Butter

If salted butter is your go-to, it can be stored on your counter for a few days! Leaving a stick or two out at room temperature will do no harm if your kitchen is kept at 70 degrees or cooler. The salt content helps keep butter fresh, even out of the refrigerator. Once it’s softened, salted butter should be used within one week.