How to Emulsify Pasta

The key to making delicious pasta in a pinch? Pasta water and real butter. Learn how to bring your pasta sauce to the next level with emulsified pasta sauce.

Get Started

Step One: Cook Pasta Till Al Dente

Follow the directions on the box of your preferred pasta for the correct cooking time.

Step Two: Reserve 2 cups of pasta water

Once your pasta has been cooked to al dente, use a measuring cup to measure out 2 cups of pasta water and set to the side.

Step Three: Drain Pasta and Return Pot to Low Heat

Drain your pasta completely and return the pot to low heat.

Step Four: Add 1 cup of pasta water and 6 tablespoons of butter

Pour a cup of the reserved pasta water into the pot, along with 6 tablespoons of cold butter. The pasta water and butter will emulsify as you toss together to create a luscious, glossy emulsified sauce.

Step Five: Time to Customize

Add in any mix-ins of your choosing to customize your sauce! We love a classic red sauce using crushed tomatoes and grated parmesan but feel free to add ingredients that meet your tastebuds! Toss thoroughly to coat the noodles in the sauce and evenly distribute your min-ins.

Step Six: Garnish and Enjoy

Top your pasta with fresh herbs and more cheese if desired and enjoy!