How To Grill With Butter

Heat up the grill and don't forget the butter! Try out a few of our tips for grilling with real butter to give all your summer meals rich, buttery flavor.

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Clarify Your Butter

Clarified butter has a higher smoke point and can be used to brush meat before grilling to add flavor and moisture. It also makes a great dipping sauce for seafood! Learn how to clarify butter here.

Add Butter To Grill Packets

Adding butter inside a foil packet will boost flavor for veggies or meat as it steams on the grill.

Create a Compound Butter

Compound butter is an easy way to customize flavors for any dish! It can be used as a finishing touch on grilled meat or veggies -- like grilled corn. Learn how to make compound butter here.

Toast Your Buns

Brush melted butter onto hamburger or hot dog buns before quickly toasting them on the grill for rich flavor and a slightly crispy texture.