How To Make Butter Burgers

Did you know adding butter to your burger patties makes tender, juicier burgers? To make the classic butter burger, you must mix your ground beef with grated frozen butter before grilling or cooking. Don’t forget to butter your hamburger buns and toast for extra flavor and crispiness.

Get Started

Step 1: Grate Butter and Freeze

Use a grater’s larger shredding holes and grate four tablespoons of butter on a sheet of parchment paper. Freeze for five minutes.

Step 2: Toast Buns

While grated butter is freezing, butter your buns and place on grill or on a skillet to toast for rich flavor and a slightly crispy texture.

Step 3: Combine Butter and Ground Beef

Mix frozen grated butter in with one pound of ground beef. Do not overmix.

Step 4: Form Patties

Form butter and ground beef mixture into patties. Add salt, pepper and desired seasonings to each side.

Step 5: Grill Burgers or Cook in Skillet

Place burgers on preheated grill or cook in skillet over high heat with additional melted butter.

Step 6: Melt Cheese

Place cheese of your choice on burger patties. If cooking on a skillet, place the cover on top to help melt the cheese.

Step 7: Plate and Serve

Plate the butter burgers with butter-toasted buns and additional toppings of your choice. Enjoy!